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The artoolkitX team

Philip Lamb

Philip Lamb is the the principal engineer on artoolkitX. He has 20 years experience in augmented and virtual reality, alongside skills in real-time rendering, software architecture, and an academic background in robotics and perceptual psychology.

He first helped the original creators of ARToolKit, Professors Hirokazu Kato and Mark Billinghurst, publish open-source on Sourceforge in 2003, published the first AR app on the iPhone in 2007, and helped grow AR into an industry as CTO of ARToolworks, Inc., and after its acquisition by DAQRI LLC, as Chief Open Source Architect.

He is based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Philip Lamb

Daniel Bell

Dan is a motivated individual who enjoys technological projects that involve a lot of abstract thinking and reliance on the interdisciplinary skills which he have developed whilst working toward his personal goals.

In recent years Dan has developed a great deal of experience with Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Web Development. He is very interested in machine learning and the potential applications of large scale learning solutions. In particular, Dan see's the potential of these problem solving solutions as a means to creating a better world.

AR projects I've worked on:

Dan Bell

Thorsten Bux

Thorsten Bux is software engineer on artoolkitX. He has over 5 years of experience in augmented reality, paired with several years of experience in creating products in the IoT realm.

He deeply believes in empowering people and does so by creating products that aim for ease of use, excitement and simplicity.

He has an academic background in software architecture and computer science with emphasis on 2D and 3D content creation for desktop and mobile.

During the last two years he created innovative augmented reality products like an Android camera calibration platform and was one of the main contributors to ARToolKit5 and ARToolKit6.

AR projects I've worked on:

Thorsten Bux

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