About ARToolkitX

artoolkitX is an open source project that has been created to continue support for the ARToolKit community and to ensure that future generations of augmented reality developers will have access to, and understanding of, the underlying algorithms that drive this innovative technology. The project is run by the core team that has been responsible for all ARToolKit development for the last decade and is funded by Ethar, Inc., a leading AR services provider.

Each new release of artoolkitX, including full source, is available from GitHub. Future releases will include support for operating system provided frameworks such as Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore. We are also keen to include support for low cost, open hardware such as the Raspberry Pi.

As well as artoolkitX, we will maintain a fork of ARToolKit v5.x, provide live binary builds of the software, and actively support the user community via our forum.

We have created a comprehensive development plan for artoolkitX and future releases will include new types of tracking, multi-user interaction and collaboration, ambient sensing and high-fidelity virtual environments.

Image credit. cc-by-sa